Creating a capsule wardrobe for your baby, infant or child

Creating a capsule wardrobe for your baby, infant or child

The Ultimate Mum Hack : The Capsule Wardrobe for Kids

As a mum, we all know the value of making life as simple as possible and your little ones wardrobe should be no different. 

Enter the ultimate mum-hack:  Capsule wardrobes for kids.   

If you're not familiar with the term 'capsule wardrobe', in simple terms, it is the concept of reducing the number of items in your wardrobe and instead creating a mini wardrobe with quality versatile items that can be mixed and matched together.  Essentially you will own less items, but they will be items that you totally love and would be happy to wear on a regular basis.

The key to a successful capsule wardrobe is to select items that fit well together (eg - similar colour tones).  Not only does this make it easier to mix and match items, but it will also give you a consistent 'style'.  Neutral tones lend themselves well to the capsule wardrobe concept, but don't be afraid to have a couple of colourful items added in that can be partnered with the rest of the collection.  For example, you might choose neutral toned basic layers, but partner them with a colourful accessory for the days when you're feeling a little fruity!

Things I learnt from creating a baby capsule wardrobe

When I first started using a capsule wardrobe for my baby girl Sienna, here's what I noticed:

  • getting ready became a whole lot quicker and easier - with less items to choose from and the fact I loved ALL of them, the morning wardrobe shuffle became a quick and easy outfit grab.
  • I cringed less when my partner got her ready for the day. Lets face it mammas, you know what I'm talking about.... God love my partner, he is an AMAZING dad to our little girl but on the days he'd get her dressed we'd end up with some pretty questionable combos.  We both chose our capsule wardrobe so he loves all the clothes too, but now finds it easier to put cute baby outfits together.
  • I impulse shopped less, which meant less single use clothing items and a more sustainable approach to shopping.  It also meant I didn't have so much guilt when my little one had outgrown something that had only been worn once as now each item gets more use.

When putting together the Babbadini collections, I definitely keep capsule wardrobes in the forefront of my mind, and each item is very versatile and timeless in style. 

What items can make up a great kids capsule wardrobe?

Quality Basics:  Yes that fancy dress looks adorable, but really think about how much wear you are going to get out of it.  Instead invest in decent leggings, rompers, dungarees and layers that your little one can wear day in / day out in comfort and style and that are quality enough to withstand the extra pressure of being worn more regularly.  

Layers:  The age old questions of how many layers should my babe be wearing.  Let's face it, we always seem to either add one too many or not quite enough.  Thin layers are easier to take on or off as needed and it can create a great look layering up items.

Minimalist styles: big bold prints are great for statement pieces and accessories like head bands, but keep your items simple to ensure everything goes together nicely.  Too many big bold prints will clash and not work harmoniously.

Neutral Colours:  As above, picking a nice easy colour palette like neutrals will prevent items clashing.  It also makes choosing the capsule items so much easier if you have a theme and stick to it, and who doesn't love the colours of nature.

baby sweatshirt smiling

How many items should a kids capsule wardrobe have?

This is all down to personal preference.  Given our little babbas grow so quickly, Sienna's capsule wardrobe is a little smaller than mine, but I replace it more regularly for new sizes, (but also allow for changes due to feeding frenzies and blow outs).  For Sienna's wardrobe I work with:

  • 4 x leggings / pants
  • 2 x overalls / dungarees 
  • 5 x long sleeve rompers / t shirts
  • 5 x short sleeve / vest body suits
  • 3 x jumpers / sweatshirts / cardigans (warm layers)
  • 1 x jacket
  • 5 x pyjamas
  • 10,000 x socks (j/k... but seriously, where do they all disappear to?!)

If you'd like some advice on capsule wardrobes for your little one, we'd be happy to chat - just head to the contact us page and flick us an email with some more details about your little one and we'll help you create the perfect capsule to make your life easy peasy!

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