Defining our vibe ✌️

Defining our vibe ✌️

Want to know what goes into creating our collections?  We're ever evolving but there are five factors which drive our collections, and really define our vibe:

1. Nothin' but neutrals, baby.

Neutral colours and natural tones - They're easy to mix and match, and they look ADORABLE.  We love 'em, and the colour theme plays a big part in our collections.  That doesn't mean we work with exclusively beige! We love to bring in pops of natural colours, such as sage, terracotta, sky blue or olive, but we prefer to keep all colours muted and soft.

2. Gender Neutral

It's no shock to anyone that knows our brand that we focus on gender neutral styles.  No shade to anyone, but the whole girly-girl thing just ain't our jam.  We opt for styles that can be worn by boys and girls and passed between family members and friends for maximum use.  We know there's been a big gap in the market for cute boy clothes, and we hope to fill a little part of it for you all.


3. Keeping it Classic

Rather than following fast fashion trends that come and go, we prefer to use classic styles that never get old, so they can be passed down for years to come.  We love the timeless styles that go with anything and never go out of fashion.

4. We love to play

Kids clothes should be practical so we play test and wash test our clothes to make sure they are durable enough to withstand daily play and regular washing.  We're not about the dainty delicate items here - think good looking and functional and you're on to a winner.

5. Inspired by the Tribe

We love our tribe on Social Media and often ask for opinions on pieces and designs in our stories to help guide our stock choices.  Sometimes we even pick styles with specific customers in mind!

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