About Us

Welcome to Babbadini!

During a wild 2020, when the whole world changed in a way that nobody will ever forget, I became a mamma for the first time and welcomed my sweet baby girl Sienna.  With so much change going on, and (like a lot of people) a disruption to my normal line of work, I was inspired to try something new. 
Babbadini began from my love for baby and infant clothes and the struggle to find great everyday play clothes.  After hearing so many other mammas complain about the lack of great boy clothes and being a bit of a tomboy myself I wanted to put together a selection of quality cute kids clothes that are largely gender neutral, soft, comfy and durable to fit the outdoor lifestyle I live in Queenstown. I’m also a big believer of capsule wardrobes and pieces that are versatile to maximise their use.
Thanks for supporting my small business - I am a one woman show and I hope that this project will allow me to support my family and spend more time with my daughter and create a sustainable family focussed lifestyle for myself as a mamma.